Corporate & Private Events

If you would like to plan a private meeting we will accommodate up to 65.

We have catering services as well as monthly events for your customers and clients, family or weddings.

Raising Money

We can schedule a day where your students, parents and or clients come in and purchase drinks or merchandise and you will receive a portion of those sales.


 I love you guys and I love your coffee, too!!! 

 What a great staff! Very pleasant and educated about coffee and food Products. Love the drive thru on a cold day.

 The fresh gluten-free cinnamon rolls are to die for. 

 Love your service and coffee!! 


Kunjani...A place to be where every cup counts.

We love to give back to our community and others who are in need, this is why every cup counts...We give back to organizations and causes that effect us, so that we may make the world a little bit better place with every cup of happiness!

We love and appreciate your business!!