About Us

more than a cafe



 We are a business with a mission…Our mission is to give back to the community by building business enterprise for; at risk youth in Colorado and girls who are survivors of trafficking. We will also use some of our profits to build homes and schools for children who are born in brothels in India.


 Our social mission is to give back to the community and youth who are in need, establishing their independence and confidence so they may walk forward towards a bright future, a 360 degree turn from living on the streets to living on their own with a college degree, a vocation, a trade or owning their own business. 



There are over one thousands youth on the streets in Colorado...They need our help to bring them hope, a better way and tools needed to thrive in life...to Rescue, Renew, Rebuild, Restore and to be Re-established.

Youth and trafficking -- another issue A great concern for us as a community...

 This modern day form of slavery, often called “sex trafficking”, most commonly preys upon vulnerable young people between the ages of 12 to 24 and is a multi-billion dollar business in the US.  Entrepreneurs, including gang members, internet site providers, and sadly even “trusted” friends and relatives, have found a “product” that costs them little and can be sold over and over again.  This crime, and the tragic deception underlying it, brings deep trauma and loss to all individuals involved – the victims, the users, and even the traffickers.  All who are touched by this issue require justice, mercy, and compassion, along with practical help for healing and restoration.  Due to the early age of entry and the extensive damage done to body, soul, and spirit, the victims often require a stable long term residential program with comprehensive services that promote healing, teach life skills, and restore to them to the life they were created to live. (stepping stones website).

Come by and grab some coffee. pastries and food for your office, friends, family -- your purchase will make a difference!

 Want to be involved? Send us a message. kim@kunjanicoffee.com

Blessings - Kim & The Kunjani Team!!